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Forza 5 Motorsport Gameplay 1080P Livestream – XBOX ONE Forza 5 Motorsport Races & Cars Walkthrough

Posted on 27th, 2013 by admin

Forza 5 Motorsport Gameplay Walkthrough 1080P Livestream – XBOX ONE Forza 5 Motorsport Exposing Races & Cars XBOX ONE UnBoxing –…

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42 Responses to “Forza 5 Motorsport Gameplay 1080P Livestream – XBOX ONE Forza 5 Motorsport Races & Cars Walkthrough”

  1. HikePlays Says:

    YouTube Is Processing Will be 1080P in a few min:)

  2. Timothy J. Holloway Says:

    It’s a nice-looking game, but still the loading screens. Isn’t there
    anything that can be done to skip the crap and just play play play?

    Oh. And the ability to rewind is just like cheating. This isn’t tower
    defense where it’s okay to be able to redo stuff because it can take hours
    to reach a certain level. This is a racing game where races take only
    several minutes to complete.

  3. scbonduk Says:

    You are the gayest person ever. Also incredibly fucking stupid…”looks
    like it could be England.” Fucktard.

  4. James Clay Says:

    the simulation starts when you turn off all of the driving assists and you
    use the steering wheel

  5. UltimateRuffles Says:

    Yea rewinding is cheating 

  6. mastakush89 Says:

    You sound like that gay sarcastic guy from family guy.

  7. vancitycanary Says:

    Rewinds… So arcade…

  8. Shad0wCraft Says:

    earnt another subscriber!

  9. EverydayWI Says:

    Nice man, talk over the cutscenes more pls, and have anyone told you that
    you laugh funny? hehehehehehehe

  10. Chris Macko Says:

    If you wanna have fun on forza and or deadrising 3, add Mr Mack0 and I can
    help u on dr3 campaign and play forza 5

  11. K House Says:

    Xbox always haf the best games and best onlineservice… and for me thats a
    win PERIOD. FUCK STATISTICS!!! I only trust my eyes 

  12. King Kongo Says:


  13. Frank Figurelli Says:

    U suck at forza

  14. Arasan Chris Says:

    Hey hike is this game basically top gear

  15. Timothy Landry Says:

    btw xbox one

  16. ClassyEnd Says:

    This was a good video, but you can tell he doesn’t know much about cars,
    and he’s really trying to impress the car enthusiasts on YouTube….

  17. elcholo212 Says:

    Im use to stayed with xbox since the first 1st xbox. Them i decide to get
    ps3 but now i got back with xbox one. I just wana say i dont hate ps system
    at all or dislike i think both console are great with alot of differential
    from games to setups. But i still like what microsoft are down to the xbox
    one. I only dislike about the hard drive :/. But yeah thats what i think. 

  18. Francois Van Bibber Says:

    Why do you want people to watch you play so bad. You are just a fucking
    bragger who’s like ” Look, look I can afford a Xbox One “.

  19. fady nader Says:

    gta 5

  20. casper webb Says:


  21. Anthony Ortiz Says:

    gta gta gta gta

  22. MITO Says:

    Allahu Akbar, God is the Greatest.

  23. DolphinatelyEDM Says:

    Where is that at 2:46

  24. DAN H Says:

    What a beautiful world. This may sound strange but I would have loved to
    lived in the time of wooden houses and fires to keep you warm like in game
    of thrones time/ brave heart times where you have to hunt your own food and
    in the woods etc. May sound silly but I would love it. 

  25. Leif Nielsen Says:

    Mother Nature showing off

  26. Hugo Morais Says:

    This is our planet

  27. Natura Matematica Says:


  28. BrutalTruthMediaMaui Says:

    Exquisite. .goddess bless..this divine earth goddess gaia needs to be
    rescued from the diseases caused by human hands

  29. Reese Jones Says:

    “Planet #Earth” BBC Natural History Unit’s eleven episodes, compress into
    one (video 13min)

  30. Phoenix Hsu Fairy Says:

    Thank you.

  31. Shay C Says:

    Thank you….thank you….thank you…thank you….

  32. Theresia Swiebel Says:

    Planet Earth – Amazing Nature Scenery♫

  33. Elisabeth Žarkov Says:
  34. Cory Tyler Says:

    Made a major life decision today. Can’t go back now and don’t care to.
    #BurnTheShips #GodIsGood 

  35. Wilhelmina Stals Says:

    Amazing !!

  36. Morgan Freeman Says:

    dumbasses probably watched in 144p

  37. Ali g Says:

    if they think

  38. Kasia Boron Says:

    Amazing !

  39. ItsVecT Says:


  40. Ankica Todoric Says:

    P r e l e p o.

  41. lolkikloll Says:

    Whoever disliked this video should be sent to Mars. Once they are there,
    I’m sure they will think twice before disliking this video…

  42. Igor Soloviev Says:

    BEAUTIFUL =0_0=

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